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“We have been training with Dan for over a year, every session is different & varied. We continually see the results after every session. “

Ali, Helen & Ellis

“I’ve been training at results on and off for the past 8 years. What I find great is the variety of differing equipment that allows sessions to remains fresh. With great trainers and the best knowledge to get me the best results as well as making the sessions fun and competitive. I recommend results to all my friends and family as well as anybody wo wants to start or continue their health journey.”

Craig R

“We started at results training, unsure what to expect. Dan made us feel really welcome and at ease straightaway. He pushes us hard but we have a good laugh and we look forward to each session. With Dan’s knowledge and experience we are well on our way to achieving our targets and feel so much better for it.”

Andy & Emily E

“I started with Results Training towards the end of 2018, mainly to improve my overall fitness as my BMI was high as was my blood pressure. Too much work and not enough play! I can honestly say that with Dan as my PT it was a brilliant move. In the space of a year and with the guidance and support of Dan I went from 31% body fat to 13% and lost 2 stone. At the same time my muscle mass went from 31% to 40% and my overall health has never been better even compared to my youth and I’m now 46. Not only did Dan advise me on diet he also was very conscious of any aches and targeted warm-ups were always carefully prepared. The mix of cardio and muscle building was perfect for me and in the space of 18 months I’ve just run a half marathon in an hour and half and cycled to Tenby, 216 miles away, something that simply wouldn’t have been achievable before.  

The gym set-up allows for open, spacious training areas which are ideal with the current concerns of the Covid 19 pandemic.  Dan is able to guide me through workouts without the congestion of multiple people in an enclosed environment which gives a real sense of safety in the current climate.

I cannot recommend Dan and Results Training highly enough and whatever your goals are the workouts will be tailored to the individual in a completely safe and secure environment, something you’ll never get from a standard gym”

Patrick C

“Ive not been training at results for a long time under a month since i started but i have found Dan to be professional and compassionate about my specific training requirements, his can do and friendly approach is really helping me get over the anxiety that i associate with physical training I have already started recommending him to other”


“Dan is the best trainer in Derby, I’ve been training with him for a year now and have had amazing results, use no other give Dan a call!!!”

Craig T

“Best out there, Dan puts in 100% everytime and his knowledge in all aspects of the industry especially nutrition puts him top of the game.”
Scott F

“I Started two tears ago wanting to be the fittest I could be by the time i turned 40. I go five times a week and love it, transformed my health and wellbeing. Highly recommended for PT, nutritional advice and sports massage”.
Mark H

“The gym facilities are superb and the trainers themselves are friendly and supportive. They listen to what you want to get from the sessions and will alter/plan the session accordingly.”
Dan W

“Have been training with Dan for 3 months & have already achieved my main goal….going from a 14 to a size six. With a combination of healthy eating (set by Dan) & the unique exercise programs in the studio, my body is now fully toned with definition where i wanted it. My cellulite has disappeared on the backs of my legs & bum which i didnt know you could do anything about. I have more energy & feel great both physically and mentally. I have tried all the diets ‘under the sun’ but ‘Dan’s way’ is proven to get amazing results”
Sara C

“I have had trainers in the past who’s main aim is to make you not walk for two weeks and in my opinion are ‘cowboys’. Results Personal Training Ltd not only has extremely knowledgeable trainers but they have great people skills and make every session effective and fun. The results I have got from attending weekly sessions I could never have achieved myself. Highly recommended.”
Steve F

“It is no exaggeration to say that Richard changed my life!
When I started to work with him 4 years ago, I was unfit, approaching my 60th birthday and needed a radical body overhaul. We got to work!
Four years on, I am fitter than I have probably ever been in my life. I have energy; my balance has improved immeasurably; my blood pressure is lower than it has been for a long time; I am not slim but I like my body for the first time – it is toned and I don’t mind looking at myself in the mirror.
Rich’s individual style of creating a variety of routines works for me. I am under no illusions – I have to work hard too. But above all, I have fun. I would not give up my sessions at Results for anything. It is a part of my life which I do not intend to give up.”

“I have been having training for over one year now and so far I have lost one stone & one pound, Dan was recommended to me by a friend and since beginning my training I have recommended him to several of my friends (which speaks for itself). Before we started Dan carried out a thorough assessment to find out what my cardiac fitness, flexibility, range of movement, strength & power levels where and what my short and long term goals where, I feel that this is really important and I appreciated the time Dan got to know me personally. I never thought I would say it but I really enjoy and look forward to my sessions. I get motivated and work harder than I would on my own, each session is varied and bespoke for me. Dan is always available for nutritional advice outside of my training sessions and I find that invaluable. Since I started training my fitness level has increased and I am well on my way to reaching my goals. Added to the great sessions Dan has a great personality and a contagious positive attitude that can bring a smile to your face even when your doing the dreaded burpees.”
Hayley R

“I would highly recommend a sports massage with Julie. She listens to my concerns and tailors my massage to specifically address the seas of my body causing me discomfort. She is very professional, thorough and friendly. I have seen a definite improvements in the areas that were tight and a reduction in the referred pain I was feeling.”

“I had been training at a gym doing spin and circuits for weeks and even though I saw a difference in toning I couldn’t loose any weight or inches, so I contacted Dan to help. Dan went through, in detail, what reaction certain foods have to my body and made me understand more about what I was eating. He also provided me with knowledge about what nutrients to include and what foods to avoid. After week 6 on my eating plan I have lost 14 pounds.”
Cecilia B

“Can honestly not recommend Sophie enough have trained with so many male/female trainers in the past and have never achieved the results and been as motivated as what I have with Sophie she keeps check on all my measurements and helps with my diet and nutrition. Before I started training with Sophie I suffered with my lower back due to weak core muscles and previously doing the wrong form of exercises my back and core are now so much stronger. Also what I found with past PT is that every workout seemed to be the same with Sophie every work out is different have been training with her for three months now three to four times a week and have never missed a session if u want to get in great shape and have someone coach you along and keep you motivated I highly recommend Sophie.”

“Thanks to Dan I have seen more improvement in my physique in the past six months that the past two years of training on my own. Dan is a great motivator, good at keeping you strict and provides great dietary advice. I have and will continue to keep recommending him to everyone I meet.”
Ade P

“I am a  former professional rugby player but after that career ended, I spent too much time focusing on things other than my health and wellbeing. When I realised I needed some help to return to fitness, I enlisted the help of Luke Ursell.
I have been training under Luke for the last year, having weekly one-to-one Personal Training sessions and following my custom training program remotely from Luke for the rest of the week. I also received custom nutrition advice and muscular rehabilitation advice.
In the last year I have lost nearly 4 stone, dropped over 10% body fat and surpassed old Personal Bests! Luke’s sessions are always varying and I never get bored of the ‘same old’ routine, making it easy to focus on health and fitness.
Luke is also a fully qualified Sports Massage and Therapist. This has been essential rehabilitation for me, focusing on a severe back injury and tight hamstrings.
I cannot recommend Luke enough to anyone. Whether your goal is to recover from injury, exceed in sport or simply to just get a bit healthier and happier, Luke can make it happen.”

“Since meeting Dan some 12 weeks ago I have made huge steps towards seeing my abs at the age of 41. Through the difficult winter period a one hour session per week 1:1 and a nutritional plan has seen me loose 4.5 inches from my waist whilst gaining substantial muscle. This has also seen me have additional strength in my arms, chest and core, something that I just couldn’t have done at the gym. If your looking for a PT in Derby I would highly recommend Dan.”
Martin G

“I’ve been training with Sophie about 10 weeks now after years of having a weak core and back. After initially struggling getting back into fitness Sophie has helped me by gradually strengthening my core. The training is enjoyable but hard also. The sessions improve week in week and is done so with a smile on her face. I took a bit of stick choosing a female instructor but Soph comes highly recommended”

“In September I decided I had to get my act into gear to loose weight and get fit. After speaking to a friend about how well she was doing with a personal trainer she recommended Dan & Results to me. Within a week I had my first consultation and my mission was under way. We discussed what my goals where and meal plans where put in place. I thought I would struggle but I found it relatively easy and lost 8lbs in my first week. Since then I have continued to loose weight and in a few months I had lost 19lbs. My sessions and group classes are intense but brilliant and Dan encourages you all the way. I have lost inches too which is amazing and have dropped a dress size but most of all I feel healthy.
In 2009 I had major surgery on my back and one of my goals was to strengthen it. Dan has taught me safe ways of training and to work it enough but not to over do it. I have recommended many people to Results, its a positive life change and Dan gives you all the support, guidance and encouragement you need to meet your goals. Results personal training studios, Darley Abbey are close & extremely private for anyone with confidence issues like me”

“I had been going to gyms and attempting to ‘keep fit’ for years but until Rich was my PT I didn’t really see any results. Rich makes me work hard by keeping the session varied, interesting, progressive and fun. No two hours are the same and each session you notice you are able to do that little bit more. He keeps me motivated and illustrates how I’ve progressed by throwing in challenges. If you want to see results you’ve come to the right place….”

“I have been attending Dan’s Thursday night class now for three months now. Its different to any class I have done before as the exercises are unique and change weekly always pushing me. Its a small, informal class (10 Max) with people exercising to their own abilities…although no slacking is allowed! I find that I push myself allot harder in the class than I would on my own, I know Dan is always watching and correcting my technique. A good workout is always guaranteed , you feel great when you leave and usually your muscles know you have been for a couple of days after.”
Louise B

“Luke has been an amazing support through times of back injury in helping both strengthen my core muscles and pain relief through sports massage I believe what makes him different, is the way he gets to know you & what you need personally”

“I have been training with Dan for three years now and have lost 10 Inches from round my middle. I put this down to the personal training sessions and the huge range of great unique exercises set. Dan has also set me on a nutrition plan which i have stuck to monitoring sugar levels & saturated fat intake. I look so much better already, so good my husband is paying for me to keep going. If you want to loose weight from the right areas, drop dress sizes & keep the weight off give him a call.”

“I’ve known Rich for several years now and have always achieved my goals through his enthusiasm to exercise and dietary advice. As a teacher I had 6 weeks off over the summer and wanted to utilise the time to take my build and fitness to the next level. Rich suggested a mass building programme over a 4-6 week period. For impressive results in a short space of time this is a fantastic programme. I gained 5lb of lean muscle and reduced my body fat by 1% from 13.8 – 12.9.

Combining a mixture of resistance weights and circuits Rich incorporates a huge variety of exercises keeping the whole programme fresh and enjoyable. I can see and feel a definite improvement in both strength and overall fitness. Rich offers a thoroughly professional and knowledgeable approach to training in a non intimidating environment.

Beware, you may get hooked! Due to the fantastic results and enjoyment from Rich’s sessions I’ve signed up again to see what more I can achieve”

“I wanted to be fitter and more toned, when I was recommended to Dan at Results. A year later  after weekly sessions I am both of these and more. He is an excellent trainer understanding the clients needs, a hard task master (which is what I need!) but encouraging and a great person. His results speak for themselves and there is no age limits on having a trainer.”
Sue C

“I have been training with Dan for over six months now, during this time I have lost 2 stone in fat and had a really enjoyable time, my fitness has improved considerably and I feel healthy. If your looking to loose weight and keep it off I would highly recommend Dan & Results personal Training.”
Dave W

“I have been working with Dan for a year with the goal of adding strength for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training. In that time I have added 6kg of muscle and have never felt better, stronger or more motivated. Dan is a brilliant trainer and a really positive guy who has also encouraged me to increase my own training and improve my nutrition. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Results to any one looking to improve their fitness and I wish I had started training with Dan sooner.”
Matt S

“I have been training with Dan for about 2 years. At first I just wanted to ‘shead a few pounds’ but after going from a size 12 to a size 8 I feel amazing! I have loads of fun at the two weekly circuits classes and at my 1:1 PT session and have met new friends a lot the way. Dan has taught me to eat well, excercise and enjoy staying fit.”
Becky D

“Having joined Results personal training in March 2012 with the intention of loosing weight and toning up, I have been pleased beyond my expectations. In the period of 3 months I reached my target weight and felt both physically and emotionally a new person.

The professionalism and conscientious approach of Dan was both motivating sand supportive. Not only was I given dietary advice but I was given the opportunity to reach my highest level of fitness in a relaxed atmosphere. I would highly recommend Results personal training to any individual who truely wants to see amazing results in optimum time.”
Mrs Kaur

“I have trained on and off for years, but without success, until I met with Dan a year ago and started training at his group circuits. The variety, his knowledge and enthusiasm he puts into every session rubs off on you and makes the workouts very enjoyable. He has an amazing knack of getting the best out of you and achieving targets that you would not have thought possible.

My fitness level is the best it has ever been, this is all down to Dan’s dedication, knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm that he gives to all his clients, he goes above and beyond in his support and encouragement for you to get the results you want.

Without a doubt the best trainer I have ever had. I can only describe his workouts as: Great fun with great results, just brilliant.”
Pauleen C

“I have lost 24lbs in 10 Weeks training with Dan at Results, Im so happy & have refered 4 of my friends,”

“I dont have training with Dan as I work away but he monitors my diet via the internet. I put all my food into a program on my iphone or laptop, he then checks my saturated fat, sugar, calories & total nutrition and emails me to let me no where i have gone wrong and keeps me on track. Its a cheap and effective way to keep on track.”
Andy P

“I’ve been training with Dan for around a year and a half now – he is very good at targeting specific areas of my body & isolating them in training to improve my strength & flexibility, over time all the different areas of focus have combined to produce excellent results. I would recommend Dan for anyone that wishes to become stronger, more flexible or have better core stability.”
Guy Legg

“First visited Dan in December after moving house and quitting smoking. The aim was to quit smoking and not put on too much fat. Things quickly changed and thanks to Dan’s motivation I became addicted. My goal was then to build up muscle and gain weight. I have so far gained over 2st 3lbs of muscle mass, decreased my body fat all in 7 months and also gained in confidence. Would certainly recommend everyone to Results Personal Training. I’ll certainly continue training there in the attempt for perfection”
Karl S

“Great workouts and even hit my goal within 6 weeks! I recommend to all who ask how I’ve lost weight and toned up!”
Amer D

“I have had PT & group class training from Dan for 2 years now & have never felt so fit, felt so toned or been so happy in my clothes. Dan is professional, listens to what i want to achieve (which changes regularly) & motivates me to push as hard as I can. All in all the best trainer I have had & have referred 3 of my friends & colleagues to him.”

“I have currently been training with Dan for one & a half years and in that time I have lost 48lbs in body fat. My level of fitness now is something I would have never thought possible. I can think of no praise high enough for Dan, his approach is positive, happy, friendly and above all highly professional. His commitment is first class, his enthusiasm is infectious and his knowledge is second to none.”
Alan R

“Starting PT with Dan has been one of my best decisions all year. Right from the start Dan really listened to what I wanted to achieve – he then built a tailored programme, and it has delivered amazing results for me; I’ve lost weight I’ve been trying to lose for over three years, my shape has changed, and I’m fitter than I’ve ever been before.

With the commitment, energy and drive that Dan puts into personal training, I find it so easy to work hard in return. Dan is able to push me to levels that I would never be able to push myself.

Every session is varied, fun, and Dan’s knowledge and professionalism for what he does consistently shines through. In addition to the physical training, Dan also provides nutritional and lifestyle advice so that you really can achieve the best results possible.

I’ve felt so exhilarated since starting with Dan, with just one regret…that I didn’t start sooner!”
Hannah L

“I’ve been training with Dan for 8 Months and have lost over 4 stone so far due to his Encouragement, Knowledge and great Understanding of peoples needs.

I wouldn’t have been able to have achieved my goals without him to keep me on track.

Along side the weight loss I now have a great understanding of what nutrition works to drop weight and more importantly keep it off. My aim is to now loose another 2 stone, continue to tone, keep my fitness level and get the body iv always wanted.”
James T

“I found Dan to be very helpful and an absolute professional when it came to me achieving my goal. We set out on an ambitious stone over a two month period, however Dan helped me loose 19lbs in 8 weeks. This has given me a lifestyle change and a whole new look on life.

I feel brand new and would like to thank Dan for all the info, tips and laughs we have had.”
Carl M

“I have known Dan for nearly a year.  It was important to me whilst looking for a personal trainer to ensure I found someone who understood my needs for training and made me feel comfortable whilst training.

I have found Dan, very motivating, encouraging and knowledgeable in his field of personal training, nutrition and sport injuries.

To date I have lost a significant amount of weight and toned up considerably, I would highly recommend Results Personal Training to anyone looking to change their body.”
Nicky S

“I would never have imagined using a personal trainer but as an unfit 45 year old I was desperate to find a way to get some exercise and enjoy it.

Working with Dan has been a revelation- the sessions are fun, he treats me with respect and my fitness has transformed already. I cannot believe what I now achieve in an hour compared to just three months ago. Dan has completely changed my attitude to exercise.”
Tony E

“At Last I have found a Personal Trainer who pushes me to the limit and drives me to achieving the body and strength I have always wanted.

I was referred to Dan by a friend who told me his diverse and intense training methods worked for them and to ‘give it a go’.

After my first session I came out feeling invigorated and have never looked back since. To date I have dropped inches around the waist and gained more muscle and strength than I thought possible.
Joseph M

“I’ve had regular sessions with Dan now for a number of months and have enjoyed every single one. He helped get me into shape last year for my holiday and I’ve continued to see him since.

Dan keeps me motivated during the sessions, which are challenging, rewarding and fun. But what’s great is that he also manages to keep me motivated even when I’m not in the studio – he keeps in contact to make sure I’m hitting the gym, eating properly and staying on-track.

The nutritional advice that comes with the studio work is also really valuable in making sure I’m getting the most out of the sessions and driving towards my personal goals.

Even during an absence due to (an unrelated) illness, Dan kept in touch to make sure I was OK and I can’t wait to get back in for my next session.”
Rich H

“Dan has been my personal trainer for 2 Years. I look forward to the sessions as Dan produces imaginative and varied programs to increase my level of fitness. His focus and close observation ensures I am always stretched without straining.
Fiona B

“After more than 10 years of relaxation and zero exercise it was with trepidation and out right fear that I met with Dan in an effort to combat the ongoing impact of time. Whilst I would not like to give the impression that it was easy to get into a routine and apply myself to getting fit, it would have been impossible to have done it with out the patience, commitment and drive of Dan.

The routines that he sets take in to account my fitness levels, but he is also quick to adapt them to reflect my improving fitness, whilst varying them to ensure that I remain interested and never get bored.

I will openly admit that without Dan’s input and encouragement I would have given up but he always seems to know when to encourage and more importantly when to push. I would definitely recommend Dan as a personal trainer, his skills and personality differentiates him from many other trainers and the personal approach with tailor-made sessions has worked for me.”
Colin K

“Since taking up the services of Results Personal Training I have noticed a marked improvement in my fitness. the support I receive both in and out of the gym is second to none, Results PT delivers results and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”
Daz B

“I have been working with Dan for several months now and I am really starting to see the benefit both visually and in a general fitness sense.

Dan is always encouraging and will offer advise both in and out of the gym to make sure I am doing all I can towards my goals.

He is always up beat at my sessions and will always provide new and bespoke programs with exercises he no’s I find hard for the progression I need. He has an amazing knack of making everything seem fun even if I feel like I’m ‘dying’. I have been so impressed with Results Personal Training and Dan that I have referred two of my friends to the studio and now I have one session a week with the three of us and two sessions 1:1.”

“Any one that needs a kick start, motivation or a new direction in there training I would recommend Results without any hesitation.”
Nick S

“My initial aim was to get slightly fitter for rugby over Two years ago, however, Results has helped me to go much further than that. My level of fitness is now such that I am playing regular first team rugby at the age of 48. Dan provides me with excellent nutritional Advice and more importantly sports injury massage to help me get through all the niggles expected with a contact sport.
Mark R

“I have been receiving personal training sessions with Dan for the last Eleven months. Within these sessions I feel he pushes me to the limit and makes me work to the best of my ability whilst still making my session fun. My weight loss to date is two stone.

I have received personal training sessions from many trainers and can honestly say Results are by far the best.”
Philip S