Originally from Paris, Elodie is a Certified Aerial Hoop Instructor and has been teaching Aerial Hoop since 2020. She loves Aerial Arts and regularly trains in many disciplines in her spare time.

Elodie first explored Aerial Arts after being diagnosed with an autoimmune illness and she found it challenging to find a physical activity to suit this condition. Following several years of training as a student and gaining a better knowledge about her body/condition, she felt it was a logical path to share her passion through teaching.

Aerial Hoop is a fun and unique fitness workout, ideal to improve your on strength, stamina and flexibility.

Elodie’s training particularly focuses on good quality technique to engage the right muscle groups and create beautiful lines.
One of the most attractive aspects of Aerial Arts is acceptance: embrace yourself and with consistency and patience, there is nothing you can’t do!

Elodie loves nothing more than seeing her students improve and develop their love for Aerial Arts. Come and let’s fly!