Elliot Bown

I first began training when I was 16 after just leaving school in order to gain strength and bulk up in preparation to enter U18 basketball.

I played for Derby Trailblazers Basketball team, from the age of 12 to 19, aswell as for the academy during my college years while studying Sport science.

My passion for fitness grew and I would enjoyed pushing my limits to reap the rewards later down the line.

Once I realised what my body could achieve with hard work and dedication, my hunger to realise my full potential grew. Not only did I recognise huge physical gains but also improvements in my mental health, which spurred me on even more. More importantly this made me want to instil and grow that kind of attitude in other people, so they too could reach their full potential and have a better quality life.

With the highest quality tailored programming I enjoy revealing people’s true potential and therefore my sessions will always safely push you to your limits and providing a stimulus for you to adapt, overcome and essentially become the best version of you.

Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport & Exercise science
Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence- Basketball