With 13 years personal training experience, 12 of those running Results, I have helped many clients achieve some amazing goals. Specializing in weight loss, fitness, nutrition & natural muscle gain, there is no goal too big or small. We at Results, pride ourselves on satisfying clients and we feel our testimonials say it all.
I started training at 17 years old wanting to increase muscle mass, power and speed. I remember that first session, I couldn’t lift my arms in the shower afterwards & that was the first feeling I fell in love with. Knowing that I had nothing left “in the tank” is one of the best, most rewarding & satisfying feelings.
The second part I fell in love with was helping others and helping them achieve their goals. Over the years my training techniques & programming have changed greatly as I have learned, with experience, what works for each individual client.
The third part I fell in love with is nutrition, planning food and my macros at the start of the week and tracking them throughout the week is very rewarding. The other great thing is because of the intensity of my training, eating regularly and increasing my metabolism I now need around 3600 calories a day just to maintain my weight. Thus meaning, the odd meal out or a weekend cheat meal does not effect my goals. I also teach my clients how to do this too, so they dont get bored of the same old ‘health’ foods.