Christmas Dinner

Christmas Eating

“You are what you eat.” - Victor Lindlahr.

Food plays a massive role in how you show up in the world. What you eat has a bearing on your state of mind and health.

However, we all know Christmas is lingering around the corner, that means mince pies, chocolate hero tubs and festive drinks are going to start making an appearance in the office.

It’s so easy to get swept away over the Christmas period and forget that growing waistline. Just 200 extra calories per day, over a six-week period can mean packing on two – three kilos! I would love to say eat what you want over the holiday season and start back in January but honestly, I don’t want you to undo all the hard work in the gym so far.

The following tips will help you enjoy the odd indulgence without the guilt, or extreme detox in January.

It’s about perspective

Christmas is all about celebrating and enjoying some time off with loved ones. A few days of overindulgence isn’t going to have a detrimental effect on your health and fitness long term. But prolonged periods of overindulgence might set you back.

A top tip, eat something high in protein and complex carbohydrates before you get to a party. This is so you don’t arrive ravenous and eat anything in sight. Examples are apples and peanut butter or a slice of turkey, cheese on multigrain pitta.

Intermittent fasting

If you have a lot of social events coming up and plan ahead, why not look into window fasting or even a 24 hour fast. I fast every week and the health benefits are Immense.

It’s easy to do once you have done your first fast and get into the habit. Studies have shown fasting stabilizes blood sugar levels, helps build a resilience to stress, reduces inflammation, causes autophagy (cellular rejuvenation), decreases blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improves the brain function and resting heart rate. Give it a go!


Unfortunately, alcohol does not contain empty calories and can soon stack up when a few beers or cocktails have been consumed (150-225 calories per drink). Its also a fact that alcohol increases appetite and can be the culprit for those bad food choices that you might make. If possible, drink a non-alcohol drink, in between rounds.

Dancing and walking

Yes, you heard it here, get your dancing shoes on (or walking boots). These two things alone can help you burn off some extra calories without much effort. Suggest family members go for a nice walk on Christmas day and get some fresh air or put some tunes on and join Uncle Simon getting his grove on.


Its so easy to skip working out over the festive period. Nevertheless, I would encourage you to plan ahead and schedule those PT sessions in now.

Even if you overindulge, strength training will help keep your metabolism high and you won’t feel as lethargic. It will also keep your weight down. Squeezing in a home workout by getting up thirty minutes before the family will help you’re your motivation in momentum. ‘Results’ Instagram page have some great examples.


Fill up on vegetables and eat mindfully. Do you really need another sausage roll or are you just eating for the sake of eating? Find healthier options where possible and give yourself some self-compassion if you do eat too many profiteroles.

Eating nice food should be enjoyable but just be sensible with how much food you are consuming in one given time.

The new year

The worst thing you can do is go straight into a restrictive diet, it’s not healthy and not only will your energy be low, but you will also be deficient in essential vitamins and minerals. Its all about balance and great wellbeing.

After all January sets the tone for the rest of 2022. Start as you mean to go on by creating healthy and long-term goals. This will mean you will have set some great fundamentals for the year to come!

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