Winter and the the clocks going back

It’s that time of year again, when the days are short and the nights draw in closer. For most of us this isn’t a time we rejoice in, it can feel restrictive. The reality is, some of us will go to work in the dark and come back in the dark.

There have been studies conducted, that show daylight saving time actually harms people’s decision-making process, due to the imbalance on the circadian rhythm or body clock. One study found that mood swings can be more present as your body tries to regulate and adjust to this new daylight-saving time. It can be seen that more car accidents may occur and that more illnesses could be associated with the dark nights and cold days. Even professional investors have shown to make supplementary ‘bad decisions’ in the stock markets due to the daylight-saving time, as it influences decision making.

One of the main side effects of the clocks going back, is the huge impact on people’s sleeping patterns. This can create seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a disorder related to the seasons changing. It can be linked to the clocks going back. Symptoms can include low mood, feelings of despair and no motivation for life. When the internal body clock is out of alignment, this changes chemicals in the brain that have an imbalance on the body’s hormones.

Proactive mood boosters

There are many things that can lift your mood in the shorter days with the main one being daily exercise. Exercise can help elevate low mood and depression by increasing serotonin. Serotonin helps your brain regulate hormones, sleep, appetite and lifts your mood or (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) neuron growth. Happy days!! Exercise boosts your immune system and can help fight infection. Exercise raises your endorphins, the body’s natural mood lifters.

Light therapy can promote a state of relaxation and a sense of tranquillity. It can reduce anxiety, irritability and it can aid in a restful night’s sleep, whilst promoting a rise in serotonin. Spending time outside in the natural daylight and getting some fresh air can feel amazing.

Prescription medication from your GP can be useful and I have no problems with people seeking medical help when needed, but I would urge you to research natural remedies. There have been many advances in CBD oils and studies that prove it reduces anxiety and depression. However, you choose to deal with the clock changes, it’s always good to implement positive habits.

Some animal products are complete sources of protein, such as:

Fish, Eggs, Dairy products for example; Cheese, Milk, and Whey, Red Meat from Cows lamb and Deer. Poultry from sources such as Chickens and Turkeys Meat from less common sources, including Boars and Hares

It can be said that most plant proteins are incomplete, which means that they are missing at least one of the essential amino acids. In order for those who wish to train to gain muscle mass effectively, the diet source must be considered carefully to gain the achieved results as a balance to the type of training also.

Vegans cannot always have a great source of protein in Whey, to effectively increase their Protein intake. However, Whey is an Excellent Source of High-Quality Protein when used in a diet alongside other Protein sources, which may be found in non-vegan dietary plans. Whey protein does however promote muscle growth and also lowers blood pressure, which are two factors that will help towards any diet considered for effective training and progress.

Time to make a change

In March 2019, European parliament voted to get rid of daylight-saving time. The vote was opposed but it stirred up the debate of if it is useful or not! Not only can it be seen to be bad for people’s health, but it also seems the clock change can have an effect on the financial markets.

Nevertheless, the debate continues, whilst the clocks still go back on the 31st of October. This may be seen as a restrictive time for most, as the days are short. Metaphorically speaking, last year was the real restriction. Today we have every opportunity to make the most of each day and rejoice in the freedom we all have been given back. Don’t spend too long being upset over the clocks as it will soon be back to spring. Be productive, don’t hibernate this winter, make 2022 your year to come back stronger. Use this time wisely to build the foundations of what you want your life to look like next year. Be intentional with your time. You should make every day count regardless of what season we are in. That’s all conditional, make your life purposeful!

Jemma Elizabeth Shaw

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