Going on a green list country get away?

Going abroad is on most people’s agenda in the near future now covid-19 restrictions are lifting.

So how do you plan to get in shape for holiday this year?

Here are a few hints and tips to make sure you are beach body ready.

Plan early.

Don’t leave it until last minute, allow at least 8 to 12 weeks to get into shape. This is the perfect amount of time needed to see a big difference in your physique.

Make sure you are in a calorie deficit.

Trying to get those long lost abs out?

A calorie deficit happens when a person’s calorie intake is lower than a person’s calories burned each day.

You can make sure you are under your daily amount of food intake, either cutting your food and portions down or by increasing daily exercise.

Work out yours here.


Don’t just do Cardiovascular exercise before your trip.

Resistance based exercise followed by a period of fat burn is the best way to look healthy and in proportion.

For fat burning zone you will need to work at around 70-80% of your heart rate max which is on average 220 minus your age (fitness levels depending*).

E.G for myself:

220 minus 36 = 184

129-147bpm fat burn zone 

Have a higher protein and fibre diet.

Don’t cut out carbohydrates completely but try and have a lower glycaemic index option.

Proteins will keep blood sugars regulated, (so you do not crave sweet foods), give the muscle everything needed to repair and they are generally lower in calorie than carbohydrates.

Fibre will help you keep you regulated and therefore process foods a better way in the gut.

Men get rid of unwanted body hair?

It’s a fact! The less hair you have, the leaner you look so grab the “Veet”, a shaver or get to the waxing salon.

‘A tan makes you loose 7 lbs’.

A pre holiday tan will help you look leaner and healthier so ty and get some vitamic C before your travels.

Green list country, Amber list country OR A Red list country, make sure you use these tips to look your best for your holidays this year.

To check what country is on which list click the link below.


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