What is your post lockdown plan?

Things will be a lot different in gyms and studios coming out of the current pandemic, with limited capacity, social distancing and restricted classes until, at the earliest, the middle of May.

Here are the questions you might want to ask yourself

Do I take a ‘full blown’ approach and go back to daily gym sessions?

Or a hybrid approach? – such as a few online sessions/some in the gym/studio or with a personal trainer and some outdoor sessions?

Whatever your view and pathway is to kick starting or increasing your training, the one answer is get moving again and get your nutrition back on track in one way or another.

If you decide week one, you are going to do four sessions split over a seven day period; one big walk, one weight session in the gym, one online yoga class and one personal training session outdoor. Then thereafter, increasing consecutive weeks until you feel happy and comfortable that you are consistently training again. Remember, it isn’t about one really good week of training and nutrition, it is about consistency week in week out. That’s what gets results.

To get your diet back on track, food prep is key and tracking calories and macros is even better, so lets start with Monday to Friday and relaxing slightly at weekends, tracking our calories and start eating our five a day, increasing good proteins and decreasing those bad fats. From this, you will start to increase momentum and start getting your training mojo back.

With the pandemic showing us that the most affected areas are those with higher obesity rates, this should be the motivation for all to get started again or increase your fitness and wellbeing.